My mission is to spread the French “joie de vivre” all over the world with online cooking lessons. I love to re-think the way you learn to cook and make it super easy for you, beautiful and inspiring.
— Virginie Consort



I like to re-think the way people learn to cook. I strongly believe that everyone can learn to cook great recipes in a simple and modern way, if - and only if - everything's made easy. My goal is to create positive impacts in your lives, help you become a home-chef and bring some French "joie de vivre" and passion in your life.

The old way : traditional culinary schools or cooking classes

The new way: online cooking classes 

I'll help you go from home-cook to home-chef in a simple and modern way with my new live and online French cooking academy by Virginie C. where intimidating recipes are made easy. I'll be sharing how to cook healthy meals with real ingredients in a modern way, and how to live the "joie de vivre" à la française.

Connecting to people all over the world is my passion. That's why I created a Facebook group called "The Art of Modern French cooking". It's the #1 Facebook group about modern French cuisine and there is a superbe awesome worldwide tribe of French food and wine lovers.

I believe in a better world, where people are kind and live a life full of passion and healthy meals made with real ingredients in a modern way. I believe that every human being should have access to quality food and clean water, from the little baby to the 99 year old grandma, from the home cook to the busy entrepreneur.

I'd love to inspire you to take action to live a French gourmet lifestyle.

xx Virginie, your modern French cooking & success coach.




Behind Elle & Gourmande are a few core beliefs

  1. We are what we eat. Our bodies are made from the nutrients extracted from the food we eat
  2. Eating clean : as direct from nature as possible, with minimum process
  3. It's all about balance and listening to our body
  4. Water is the new gold
  5. Enjoying a good wine who's paired with the right food makes all the difference
  6. The food we eat should feed our body and our soul, make us happy
  7. We love enjoying wine and food with our friends and family
  8. The magic happens when we stay outside of our comfort zone
  9. We act more when things are made simple
  10. We need more passion in our lives and connection times with our loved ones



  1. Easy to follow cooking tips
  2. How to videos
  3. No recipes with tongues or other weird ingredients
  4. Easy instructions
  5. Just the right amount of sauce, butter and cream
  6. An accurate metric system, together with the imperial system
  7. Multiple-time tested recipes
  8. Intimidating recipes made easy


The French Gourmet Lifestyle

Eating real food

Using high quality ingredients

Having fun while planning and cooking

Being authentic

Eating healthy

Cooking in a modern way