Imagine your plane landed in a city far away...

Not a nice city.

Certainly not a lovely city, with nice historical buildings, good food and good wine.

It’s an horrible, uninhabitable city. There’s NO FOOD, NO WATER, and it’s freezing cold. You’re not sure, but it seems to be a dangerous place.

The horrible city. This is the city A.


Now imagine another city...

This place is different.

It’s a warm and welcoming place. People enjoy life and are happy. You step off the plane, and a local baker hands you a box of FRESHLY MADE lemon MACARONS that smell so nicely.

You sit down and breathe, feeling relieved. You can feel the taste of the macarons, you feel the stress vanishing, you close your eyes… and relax.

This is the city B.


Wake up dreamer. Right now you’re living in city A.

Every day you spend in the city A is a day you’re not getting back

The city A is a place of frustration.

City A looks like this:

  • the meals are BLAND
  • the meals are RUSHED
  • you enjoy flavorful dishes in restaurants, but you FAIL at reproducing them in your kitchen
  • you lack confidence in your KITCHEN
  • you lack passion in your LIFE
  • you WASTE your TIME and MONEY on dozens of cookbooks, cooking shows, YouTube videos
  • you know how to follow a recipe, but you fail at understanding WHY it worked
  • you spend HOURS in your kitchen
  • your dream was to join a culinary school, but you never followed your heart, because there was never the right time
  • you eat a lot of junk food and feel bored
  • you live a microwave or fast-food life (Seriously? we really need to talk!)
  • you feel like some people have a wonderful life, filled with passion and great homemade food, and you just don’t know WHERE TO BEGIN.

So you can guess what City B is...

The city B is you ideal destination.

For some home-cooks, it’s following their heart and living their dreams.

For others it’s:

  • Recreating this special romantic dinner they enjoyed during a trip in Paris.
  • Having the time to seat down and enjoying LIFE.
  • Impressing their family and friends.
  • Eating HEALTHY French food almost every day.
  • Preparing delicious macarons, crème brûlée, onion soup or beef bourguignon WITH EASE.
  • Bringing more PASSION to their dining with colors, flavors, wine, music, lightning and presentation.
  • Learning the exact cooking techniques top French chefs use.
  • Being FREE to cook whatever you want because you understand why a recipe works
  • Impressing their family and friends with a simple, yet luxurious 15-minute meal.
  • Creating magical French meals their loved ones will talk about for YEARS.
  • Being the woman who knows how to attract THE ONE with a great meal.
  • Having more CONNECTION time with their loved ones.
  • Enjoying and having FUN while preparing French meals.
  • Living a French-style gourmet LIFESTYLE.
  • Cooking in LESS TIME.

Not to mention spending LESS MONEY in restaurants and meal delivery services.

So what does your city B look like?

Let me give you a Ticket to Paris.

Here’s the thing, if you’re stuck in City A, what do you do?

Sure, you want to go to City B, but how do you get there?

Are you going to continue wasting your time and hoping for the best?

Sure you could by chance get to city B in about 10 years or so, with long trials and errors...

…or you could get there RIGHT NOW.

What you need is a personalized TICKET.

You need a clear sequence of instructions that show you how to get from City A to City B.

Want your own Ticket to Paris?

I offer a free coaching call where we’ll find out you current City A, your ideal City B…and I give you your Ticket to Paris.

We are going to talk about where you're at now (City A),what your FRUSTRATIONS are, then we talk about where you want to go (City B), your DREAM LIFE, and then I'm going to show you how to reach your goals.

If you’re interested, simply scroll down the page.

Please note: you’ll be asked to fill out a short application form, it takes about 2 minutes to fill it out. This helps me understand more about you, so we can go right into the good things as soon as we start our call.

Now you might well ask…"Why are you doing this?"

Here’s why I’m doing this

I do this because I love giving back, and helping people like you achieve their dreams and goals.

Plus, a small percentage of the home-cooks I talk to on these calls don’t just want the free Ticket to Paris.

They want more.

They want me to lead them on the journey. They want me to be by their side all the way from City A to City B.

Because when your own private jet starts to crash down at 41,000 feet high…it would be nice to have some expert help, wouldn’t it?


For those home-cooks, I enroll them into my French Cooking Academy. In my opinion, this is the fastest, most efficient way you can get from City A to City B.

It’s for the home-cook who are sick of wasting their life struggling in City A and finally are ready to move forward.These home-cooks are highly motivated and aren’t willing to waste a second longer in City A.

But most home-cooks are not right or ready for this program, and that’s fine.

They leave with their Ticket to Paris. Then, they have to fly their own way to City B.


Book your call below

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Who is Virginie?

Virginie is a Modern French Cuisine & Success Coach for Home-Cooks living the French "joie de vivre" in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and 5-year old little Gourmette . She's also the founder of Elle & Gourmande and the creator of the online French Cooking Academy.





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