Your Wine Bottle's Best Friend: the Wine Disc

Have you ever felt super embarrassed when you spilled some red wine on your best friends ULTRA BRIGHT TABLE CLOTHE?

What if I told you that there was a very smart guy who challenged himself to found a way to avoid red wine stains on a nice table cloth?

Only a few people know about it...want to know what it is?

 The #winedisc.

The OLD way

The OLD way

The NEW way

The NEW way

What the h@## is a wine disc?

It's a little disc that slides into the neck of a bottle of wine to serve it without risking of letting escape a drop on a pretty tablecloth. It’s known as Wine Disc, but also as Drop Stop in Europe.

Who invented the wine disc?

Who had such a great, simple but very effective idea? The Wine Disc is the creation of the Danish inventor Brian Vang Jensen. This genius creator had his idea while experiencing the issue himself: at his favorite aunt’s 80th birthday, Brian Vang Jensen split a few drops of wine on the beautiful tablecloth.
Very embarrassed, he didn’t stop thinking about it and a few days later something clicked! After completing a number of tests, he found a material flexible enough to adhere perfectly to the neck of the bottle, and to cut the flow of liquid even before a single drop is formed. The wine disc was born.

Super S.I.M.P.L.E to use

A wine disc is very simple to use: just roll the disc between your fingers and insert half of it into the neck of a (good) wine bottle.

Important point to consider before you buy

Be careful and check the use of food certification, a guarantee of quality. Wine is a liquid, before getting in touch with your taste buds, the wine will be in contact with the disc: you would neither find the color of the wine disc, nor toxic molecules in your expensive white wine.

The official food certification

The official food certification

4 reasons to love the wine disc:

Effective – Drop Stop works very well. No more stress during wine serving, no more unwashable wine stains on the beautiful table clothes.

Practical - Small, soft and thick like a sheet of photo paper, the Wine Disc slips everywhere: into the kitchen drawer, jean pocket or wallet.

Beautiful - Bright with silvery appearance, the Wine Disc highlights your best wine bottles. In addition, it has barely noticeable patent number and food certification.
Reusable - …to infinity. Simply clean with water and wipe, it can be used for many years, more or less time according to your dinner and wine tasting habits.


Wine Disc x4

No more red wine stains on your white table cloth! Plus, the wine discs are easy to use: just roll it up and drop it in the neck of the bottle, rinse and re-use again and again.

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